Policy Paper [English]

1. Militarism: Our point of view

We, as a club, reject each form of war and armament.

2. Asylum Policy: Our point of view

We demand the abolishment of all border restrictions and unrestricted freedom of movement for all people.
We condemn in strong terms the „Fortress Europe“ policy of the EU, as it either results in many refugees dying on their way to Europe or forces them to vegetate in inhumane conditions in migrant detention centres. We call for the humane treatment of refugees and asylum seekers.

3. Privacy: Our point of view

In the course of drastic political and societal changes, civil rights are systematically restricted. Roter Stern Flensburg rejects the concept of “transparent citizens”. We hold the opinion, that people are entitled to a private sphere by law. Therefore we demand to interdict, i.a., preventive data collection.

4. “Fair Play”

Roter Stern Flensburg stands for the concept of “Fair Play “ in all its aspects.
Our interactions are rooted in mutual solidarity.

5. Environmental Protection and Consumerism: Our point of view

Environmental protection and consumerism are mutually dependent. Therefore we strive for sustainable dealing with our environment. That leads us to demand, i.a., an immediate abandonment of nuclear power and fossil fuels for our energy supply. Furthermore, we stand up against the exploitation of humans and animals. We gravitate towards locally produced and fairly traded products.

6. Discrimination: Our point of view

We condemn racism, anti-Semitism, sexism, homophobia and other discriminating or misanthropic actions and utterances. If such behaviour occurs, we call on everyone to intervene and take action against it.

7. Participation: Our point of view

Active participation is vital for our club. All members are invited to shape the club and participate in the clubs‘ decisions.