Policy Paper [English]

1. Militarism

The Rote Stern Flensburg rejects war and armament in general.

2. Asylum policy

We denounce the Fortress Europe policy of the EU that results in many refugees dying on their way to Europe, or forces them to exist in inhumane conditions in migrant detention centres. We demand the humane treatment of refugees and asylum seekers.

3. Private sphere

Civic rights have been systematically restricted in the course of dramatic political events. The Rote Stern Flensburg rejects the development towards the “transparent citizen”. We demand the right to a private sphere that, among other things, prohibits preventative data gathering.

4. Fair play

The Rote Stern Flensburg stands for fair play in relation to sport opponents and among one another.

5. Environmental protection

We reject the trade in emission permits and the use of nuclear power. We demand a sustainable relationship with the environment. This means for us as an organisation, for example, setting up carpooling communities and compensating for emissions created by the activities of the organization.

6. Consumer behaviour

We are against child labour, factory farming, and other forms of exploitation. We try to consistently implement this in our organization’s activities by offering regional and fair-trade products, and by not buying the cheapest, but rather the most humanely viable products.

7. Racism and sexism

We reject racism and sexism.